NEW! Central Sales Support - Sonac Functional Products

7 September 2017 - Getting the perfect meat product can be quite a puzzle for customers. To fully support them Sonac Functional Products launched one Central Sales Support: for all orders and customer service to help the customer succeed.

Whether they are looking for the perfect ingredient, the best support or the most up-to-date expertise, Sonac Functional Products is equipped to help them solve their meat puzzle to gain maximum quality and yield.

Customers can call Central Sales Support +31 499 700 134 or contact the Sales Manager for their region:
Central Sales Support desk: +31 499 700 134 

ASIA                         Laurens Maathuis    
SAM/MEXICO          Arjan van Waes        
EMEA                       Ralf Scheunemann   
USA/CANADA         Debbie Vacha           


INTERVIEW: Animal Proteins in Feed in the US and Europe—Regulatory and Market Challenges

24 July 2017- Feedstuffs derived from raw materials of animal origin including animal proteins, fats, oils, and more specialized mealsare irreversibly woven into the animal feed and production industries. They provide feed manufacturers with an easily digestible source of proteins and other essential nutrients. In turn, the feed industry provides the animal production industry with an outlet for parts of the raw materials that would otherwise be wasted, contributing to the sustainability of the industry. 

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The German Feed ban on animal fats to ruminants is history

6 July 2017 - The German feed ban on animal fats to ruminants is history. The Federal Law on Food and Feedstuffs has been repealed by the Act on the Amendment of Feeding ingredients and Animal Feed Law. Thus the feeding of animal fats is no longer restricted for calf milk replacer and ruminant feed; the repeal of the prohibition entered into force on 6 July 2017.

To read more about the old section of the Federal Law on Food and Feedstuffs click here (text only available in German).