As a partner trusted by feed manufacturers worldwide, we deliver quality solutions to our customers. Our broad portfolio contains reliable, nutritional and high-quality animal proteins, fats, minerals and specialties for a wide range of applications in poultry, pig and aqua feed. The combination of our sustainable feed solutions and sharing our knowledge offers you a World of Benefits. Here’s how that works:

Are you looking for ways to improve your sustainability? There are many solutions that help to encourage your sustainable goals. For example, the re-use of proteins and fats is a building block to create circular production systems, and supports a sustainable way of doing business.  

A growing world population means we all need to reduce our carbon footprint. We work hard on technologies that improve feed efficiency, whilst reducing waste volumes at the same time. Our fats, minerals, proteins and specialties will help you with that. 

Animal meat and bone meals are important sources of organic phosphates. Bone phosphates are an alternative for rock phosphates, which are at risk of depletion. If this matters to you and your production, our specialists are ready to be of assistance. 

Our natural resources are under pressure. Together with our specialists, we develop new technologies that help us achieving our goals while taking care of the planet. For example, using animal by-products reduces the discharge of unnecessary and unused nutrients into the environment. 

Are you looking for a partner that not only has a worldwide expertise, but also operates on a global scale? With our own manufacturing plants and local agents, we are committed to helping you achieve your business goals - everywhere. 

Research and innovations have helped many production processes becoming better trough the years. At the same time we managed to produce healthier animals. Discover what positive effects our proteins do for your animals.  

If you still wonder if the usage of antibiotics helps, here’s a little something for you. Through the years, we developed and tested many alternatives in feed antibiotics. The result? Piglets fed diets containing plasma protein performed as well as piglets fed diets containing antibiotics. 

When you’re looking at feed efficiency, there are many ways to improve your production process. Benefit from our high-quality animal proteins is one, for example. We invite you to get informed about our broad range of specialties.


World of Benefits is developed to share knowledge and to create the best sustainable and nutritional feed applications together. If you want to learn more about World of Benefits, please contact Geert van der Velden, Sales Manager Sonac or get in touch with one of our colleagues in your region. 

Geert van der Velden
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