Outstanding chemical purity and cost-effectiveness in one animal feed formulation

Operating in today’s highly sensitive feed and food chains, you know how vital it is that you can ensure chemically pure feed solutions – and how much damage, ecologically and economically, can result from impurities, such as heavy metals in food or feed. Sonac’s Delfos uniquely combines high chemical purity with outstanding cost-effectiveness.

Consistently low in heavy metals, dioxin and radio-activity

Delfos contributes to feed purity and sustainable agriculture with its consistently low levels of heavy metals, dioxin and radio-activity. Its aluminium and fluorine contents, for instance, have been shown to be 1,200% and 100% lower, respectively, than those common in alternative phosphate sources. 

Fully compliant with the European Union’s Directive 2002/32/EC on undesirable substances in animal feed, Delfos simply means higher purity, less risk.

Find out more about how Delfos compares with alternative phosphorus sources.

And then there’s the cost…

The best price per unit of available phosphorus

As a feed nutritionist, you know that many supposedly cheap products have high hidden costs, for example, due to functionality or bioavailability issues. Because of its unrivalled phosphorus availability, Sonac’s Delfos comes at the best price per unit of available phosphor on the market – up to 40% lower than comparable supplements for non-ruminants. 

With Delfos, you benefit from top performance at the lowest price.

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  • The best price per unit of available phosphorus
  • Feed purity and sustainable agriculture
  • Low levels of heavy metals, dioxin and radio-activity