Functional Proteins for quality and yield improvement of meat products

Food companies are always looking for ways to improve their product quality, while also increasing yield. To meet these demands, Sonac has developed specific functional proteins for meat products.

Sonac functional proteins are produced from blood, fat, bones and skins of porcine, bovine, poultry and fish origin, at ten different food grade production facilities worldwide. Sonac therewith offers an innovative, comprehensive portfolio of functional proteins, every one of which is a sustainable and high-quality ingredient. All proteins are allergen-, GMO-, and E-number free. 

For meat product manufacturers, texture, shape retention, juiciness, moisture retention and a clean label are key quality parameters. In addition to those factors, improving yield is very important. This usually goes hand in hand with an improvement of quality.

With our functional protein portfolio, Sonac offers solutions to improve the quality of meat products, while simultaneously increasing their yield.

Fresh meat binding


Protein boosting

Calcium enrichment