Our Q-Range will take you from questions to quality in meat processing

As a meat processing company, you have to stay on the ball to make sure you’re getting maximum yield and quality. Q-Range, and the team of experts behind it, will provide you with all you need to do the job. 

✓ Guaranteed yield and quality improvement
✓ All-natural and sustainable functional ingredients for meat processing
✓ A comprehensive range for every meat puzzle that needs solving
✓ Industry-leading expertise on functionalities, processes and markets
✓ One-stop shopping on a global scale

Hit the mark with our Q-Range product categories

Whether you operate in blending, processing or manufacturing end products, the optimization of both your products and processes is a never-ending challenge. Each new meat puzzles call for different ingredients, functionalities and knowledge. With Sonac Functional Products you have it all. Combine the specific challenges of your product, process and market with our Q-Range functional ingredients for meat products, and you’ll hit the mark every time.

Texture & yield improvement

Getting that perfect texture, bite and sliceability, while also achieving maximum yield is a serious challenge in many meat production processes. Our QBind category offers an assortment of ingredients with excellent water-binding and emulsifying properties that will exceed your expectations – and those of your customers.

Protein & Calcium enrichment

Today’s consumers want food that contains the right nutrients for a healthy body. QBoost offers a range of meat solutions that combine natural protein and calcium enrichment with easy application.

Natural meat color

With looks mattering more than ever in today’s food industry, consumers increasingly base their meat purchases on (natural) color. With QColor’s E-number free solutions your meat products will be a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.

Fresh meat binding

Many of today’s meat products rely on uniformity and optimal efficiency of the available high-quality meat. QConnect can bind fresh (uncooked) meat using a natural solution free of any allergens and involving a safe process. It helps you raise the efficiency and uniformity of your meat product and gain a better yield on your high-quality meat cuts.


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