Fresh meat binding

Our natural meat binders, Fibrimex®, Plasma powder FG and Plasma Powder FG+ are ideal for creating innovative and/or portion-control meat products. We can supply you with ingredients of porcine and bovine origin in frozen or powder form. Also, we offer full support with regard to practical application and choice of equipment.

  • Fibrimex®
    Fibrimex® is a natural product for the cold set binding of fresh meat (products). No comminution of raw materials is necessary, so an optimal maintenance of the meat structure is achieved in bound products.
  • Plasma powder FG
    Plasmapowder FG is only consisting a high concentration of Fibrinogen. There is no Thrombin present in this product, the binding process of meat pieces is induced by Thrombin naturally present in meat.
  • Plasma powder FG+
    Plasmapowder FG+ contains an increased Fibrinogen concentration. It is a so called all-in-one powder.