An appealing color is often a decisive factor for consumers in choosing meat products. Sonac provides natural, meat-authentic colorants of bovine or porcine origin. We offer product formulations for injection, mixing in dough and outside coloring.

  • Harimix
    Harimix is a liquid or spray dried powder protein of bovine or porcine origin. Harimix is very suitable to prevent undesirable color problems and to enhance the color of meat products. The liquid form fits products such as cooked ham and shoulders, hamburgers, minced meat and cooked meat products such as frankfurters and bologna very well. Harimix spray dried powder is perfect for dry, fermented sausages, such as salami.
  • Hemoglobin
    Hemoglobin is a spray dried hemoglobin powder protein of porcine or bovine origin. Due to outstanding bacteriological characteristics, hemoglobin powder is an excellent ingredient for black pudding, blood sausage, morcilla, etc.