Protein enrichment in meat

Your injected and marinated meat products may need proteins enrichment and/or flavor correction. Sonac has developed meat- or collagen-derived hydrolyzed proteins to perform this correction. With or without hydroxyproline.

  • Globoost 90
    At the production of cooked hams, shoulders and comminuted meat products, taste and smell are the most important product characteristics. Besides this, also the protein content (water/protein ratio) is important. Due to changes in legislation and a growing awareness of consumers, ‘clean labelling’ and ‘less E-numbers’ are more required in meat products. Globoost® 90 P fulfils these demands, as it acts at a meat flavour, containing 90% of protein. 
  • Hydro-P Premium
    Hydro-P Premium is a porcine hydrolized collagen for edible applications. Sonac Hydro-P (Premium) hydrolized collagen has dust-free behaviour which makes it easy to use in a wide range of applications where it brings binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and fining properties. 
  • Hydro-P
    Hydro-P porcine collagen protein is a protein boosting ingredient. Hydro-P is derived from porcine origin collagen, as such derived from animals which have been declared fit for human consumption.