Calbon N - Food and food supplements

Calbon N is specially intended for use as a calcium enrichment for food and food supplements. Calbon N, a natural ossein hydroxy-apatite, has excellent properties to prevent a deficiency of calcium in a diet. It contains all ingredients that are necessary for healthy bones. Calbon N has a high calcium level (32%), a high phosphorus level (14%) and contains protein (10%).

How to use Calbon N

Calbon N can be used as an ingredient for various food applications without disadvantageous effects on taste or structure. It is advised to add the Calbon N mesh 200 to the basic food products. Calbon N can be added to cereal products, like flour prepared mixes, baked goods, breakfast cereals and pasta’s, and dairy products as for example yoghurt or ice cream.

Furthermore, Calbon N can be taken at meals as a calcium additive in various taylormade shapes, such as tablets, hard gelatine capsules, chewable tablets or oral liquid (high suspension powder). Calbon N mesh 50 for example is extremely suitable for producing tablets because of its direct compressibility. As an oral liquid it is accessible for people having difficulties swallowing tablets, often elderly people. Are you looking for gelatin food ingredients? Our sister company Rousselot is the world's leading producer of gelatin and collagen peptides.