Fibrimex: for innovative product development

Fibrimex® is a natural product for the cold set binding of fresh meat (products). Fibrimex is a frozen 2 component system (Fibrinogen flakes and thrombin). Fresh meat, fish and also fat, which is a unique characteristic, can be bonded. No heating of raw materials is necessary, so an optimal maintenance of the meat structure and tenderness is achieved in bound products. It allows the production of high added value products and the upgrading of raw materials while optimal portion control can be achieved. Fibrimex therewith offers many possibilities for new, innovative product variations. Sonac produces Fibrimex® from porcine or bovine raw materials.The patented production processes are physical processes at which no ingredients or additives are used. all species, as well as fat. Fibrimex®  is odourless and tasteless. So, they do not affect the taste of meat products. Due to outstanding bacteriological characteristics, their use does not influence the shelf life of formed products. Fibrimex facilitates the binding of fresh meat on large, automated scale. Sonac offers a full service approach at the application of Fibrimex, including meat technology assistance and binding technology equipment. Examples of binding technology equipment are the Fibri Thaw System, the Fibri Sprayer, the Aligned Grain Stuffer (AGS) and the Fibri Meat System (FMS).

The success factors of Fibrimex®

  • Proteins of natural origin, naturally present in animal body and in meat
  • Binding of fresh meat and fat without heating 
  • No heat required to stop the binding reaction, maintaining a tender product
  • Upgrading of raw materials
  • Enlargement of new product variations
  • Excellent portion control
  • Reduced slicing losses
  • Reduced cooking loss after frying or roasting
  • No sensory deviations
  • Application on small scale as well as large, automated scale
  • Allergen, GMO or E-number free 

Fibrimex: specification

  • 2 component system: (1) fibrinogen (protein) (2) thrombin (enzyme)
  • Pork of beef origin
  • Powder or frozen (liquid)
  • Binds meat, poultry and fish
  • Binds protein and fat
  • Stops when binding is completed
  • No off taste
  • Natural