Making optimal yield of your prime meat cuts without making concessions on taste, appereance and using strange ingredients has always been a difficult task for meat processors and butchers. With Fibrimex® the solution is there. Fibrimex® is the natural binding protein in meat. Fibrimex® has the ability to bind fresh cut meat together in a similar way as muscles are naturally bonded together. This is done by creating a fibrin network. The fibrin network is made with fibrinogen and thrombin and together it is Fibrimex®. Fibrimex® does not affect texture, taste or smell and is free of any allergen or E-numbers. It is a 100% natural derative from bovine ore porcine origin. 

Fibrimex® can bind any meat which is raw, by adding Fibrinogen with Thrombin together (two components), the binding starts. Fibrimex® is the combination of Fibrinogen and Thrombin.
To make Fibrimex®, the adding rate of Thrombin with Fibrinogen is circa 1:8 - 1:10. The total amount of Fibrimex® needed to get a proper binding of meat is between 3-6% depending on the size of the meat.
Optimal binding is reached after 6 hours. The binding automatically stops when all Thrombin reacted with the Fibrinogen. To bind the meat, pressure have to be applied with for example using a casing, as a side benefit it also helps with easy portion controlling. 

On the left the research findings of the study on the influence of time on binding strength between meat pieces mixed with Fibrimex®. Optimal binding strength is reached after about 6 hours using the cold-set binding process.

The picture in the middle - left show the the research findings of the study on cooking loss of some pork and beef products with and without Fibrimex® after frying. Fibrimex binding results in lower cooking loss of the same meat after frying. 

In the middle - right the results of the study on juiciness of some pork and beef products with and without Fibrimex® after frying.

On the right the research findings of a study on taste of some pork and beef products with and without Fibrimex® after frying.

  • Fresh meat binding
  • Binds any kind of meat (beef, pork, poultry, fish etc.)
  • 100% natural
  • Allergen free, natural bonding 
  • Perfect for portion control
  • Perfect yield improvement of high end meat cuts
  • Binds both fat and meat

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