Functional Poultry Protein is a chicken protein that enables users to boost quality and productivity and to lower cost price. Functional Poultry Protein has strong emulsifying properties and contains a high level of protein and a low content of fat. The protein is well dispersible and forms a strong gel after heating and cooling. Furthermore it is has a nice chicken taste and flavor.

Benefits of Functional Poultry Protein

  • Natural presence of glutamic acid. This improves the salt and taste palette and enables you to lower your salt level, without losing the salt perception.  
  • Better mouthfeel and taste experience. Improved juiciness distributes the salty taste perception in your mouth, meaning less salt and spices are needed for an enhanced richness in flavor.

More benefits of FPP

  • 100% chicken
  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Halal
  • GMO free
  • No E-numbers
  • Cost effective

Functional Poultry Protein can be used:

  • in all type of emulsified cooked products like frankfurter, and meat balls
  • for injection or tumbling purposes for (reformed) chicken breast, nuggets, fingers, schnitzel, and fresh poultry meat
  • to improve the adherence of batter to chicken nuggets, schnitzel
  • to improve the shape and stability of fresh formed products like meat balls and poultry burgers which will lead to improved productivity in production processes