GP83 Greaves protein as a multifunctional ingredient

The raw material for GP83 is derived from fat greaves, obtained during the fat melting process of pork lard. GP83 is a functional protein with a high level of protein and a significant content of fat. The origin and the processing of the raw material gives the product a natural brown color and unique taste properties. GP83 is a functional animal protein with a gel forming capacity of maximum 1:6. The high content of fat, unique compared to offer functional protein sources, gives the protein spreadable properties.

Benefits of GP83

  • Unique taste properties
  • Natural brown color
  • High level of protein and a significant content of fat gives spreadable properties 

GP83 can be used:

  • Preferably used in liver pastries or sausages 
  • As well in minced meat products and canned products

GP83 can not be used for injection or tumbling purposes.