QBind Pork OP80 is a high functional porcine protein, with excellent emulsifying properties, and a strong gel forming capacity after heating and cooling. QBind Pork OP80 is low on hydroxyproline, similar to the content of meat. QBind Pork OP80 is the preferred solution for the meat industry to improve overall product quality and to improve yield of meat products. In particular cooked sausages.

Benefits of QBind Pork OP80

  • Improves product quality. Excellent gel forming capacity and emulsifying properties result in a firmer texture and slicieability of the product.
  • Better mouthfeel and taste experience. The sensory aspects, including a neutral taste are prefered over other proteins on the market.

More benefits of QBind Pork OP80

  • Stronger texture and bite in hot and cold conditions
  • Enhanced meat matrix/ product stability
  • Better sliceability
  • Reduction of drip loss (syneresis)
  • Recution of cooking loss
  • Bufering raw material quality

QBind Pork OP80 can be used in cooked meat emulsions/final products.