SP95B Beef collagen protein as a multifunctional ingredient

SP95B is derived from beef origin collagen, as such derived from animals which have been declared fir for human consumption by ante- and post mortem inspection. SP95B is a functional protein with a high level of protein and a low content of fat. It has a water binding capacity of maximum 1:30 and an emulsifying property of 1:25:25. The 100 mesh particle size gives the protein also cold set binding properties and increases viscosity in water-based solutions.

Benefits of SP5B

  • Natural taste
  • SP95 can also be used for injection purposes
  • Increases viscosity in water-based solutions 
  • Very well suited to dissolve in water solutions 
  • For products eaten warm, the collagen protein provides a soft bite

SP95B can be used:

  • In all types of emulsified products, from sausages to pastries
  • As well in minced meat products and cooked products
  • SP95B can also be used for injection purposes