Harimix C: natural meat color

In general, the color of fresh meat and meat products is mainly determined by the myoglobin content, and by hemoglobin. This content differs markedly between meat of different species and between various meat raw materials of the same species. Consequently, the color of fresh meat and meat products will vary depending on the meat used and this may lead to undesirable heterogeneity of the color appearance of meat products. Harimix C is very attractive to prevent these undesirable color problems and to enhance the color of meat products. Harimix C intensifies the coloring, give a natural color, improve the perception of higher lean meat content and increase the contrast between lean meat and fat. Harimix only colors the meat protein, not the fat, nor the packaging. In addition, the color stability of Harimix C is higher than that of the meat pigment myoglobin and its derivatives in cured meat products. By using Harimix C a marked improvement will be reached in almost any minced meat or cured meat product. Since hemoglobin is the functional protein, Harimix proteins can be considered as natural ingredients.

Harimix C is stabilized liquid hemoglobin of bovine or porcine origin. Harimix C is liquid and therefore easy to dissolve and to mix with (minced) meat. Harimix C is a natural meat color with high stability, a high solubility resulting in homogeneous distribution and uniform color of meat products. Therewith Harimix C is very suitable to prevent undesirable color problems and to enhance the color of meat products such as hamburgers, minced meat and cooked meat products such as frankfurters and bologna, and cooked ham and shoulders. The dosage of Harimix is quite low, and the application very simple. Harimix can be applied to color the inside of the meat, and also to color the outside to make the products more appealing. In general, external coloring is established by natural smoking, liquid smoke, sugar/protein blends or caramel. Harimix proteins can be a very good alternative for these products because of the following reasons:

  • Natural product, without e-number
  • Natural reaction of the Harimix proteins with sodium nitrite and sugars
  • Very good adhesion to the meat surface (no leaking / diffusion)
  • Less heating and smoking time required to obtain desired external color, increasing yield 

The success factors of Harimix C

  • Natural meat color with high stability
  • Intensification of coloring
  • Enhancement of color appearance
  • Better color homogeneity
  • Improved perception of higher lean meat content
  • Increased contrast between lean meat and fat
  • Easy to dissolve and mix with (minced) meat

Natural meat color suitable for:

  • Fermented sausages; better contrast between fat and lean meat
  • Fresh meat: improving lean meat appeal
  • Cooked products (sausage, ham): uniform pink color