Hydro-P Premium in meat products

Hydro-P Premium is a porcine hydrolised collagen for edible applications. Sonac Hydro-P (Premium) hydrolised collagen has dust-free behaviour which makes it easy to use in a wide range of applications where it brings binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and fining properties. Sonac Hydro-P (Premium) hydrolised collagen is a protein source used as bulking agent in a variety of food. Sonac Hydro-P (Premium) hydrolised collagen complies with most international edible regulations, including the European Regulations (EC) N°853/2004 and N°2073/2005, and their latest modifications in force at the date of issue of this datasheet. However, we recommend that the customer ensures that this product is in compliance with local regulation in force, particularly in the countries where the finished product is to be consumed.