Sonac's Calbon-N is a natural derived Hydroxyapatite. Calbon-N is known for its high calcium and phosphorus content, making it a perfect natural calcium source. In current markets, calcium deficiency is a known problem. Giving the need to consume supplementary calcium for bone health. Calbon-N is therefore the perfect solution, the fine powder makes it easy to capsulate and the Ca content is 33%, P content is 14%. The clear white powder in which Calbon-N comes, has no off-taste and is partly soluble. Calbon-N is such a good product as the Ca and P are still attached to a protein, making it very easy to digest.       

Calbon-N is easy to tablet/capsulate. Ideal for dietary supplements. Other applications for example are bakery, dairy, sport nutrition etc. With using Calbon-N, you use a natural high quality calcium and phosphorus source. 

  • 100% natural
  • Derived from food grade pork bone
  • Good source of calcium
  • Good absorption by the human body

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