Sonac's Hemoglobin powder from bovine or porcine origin is a high iron containing product. Because of the iron being attached to the heme-protein (heme-iron), the iron is absorbed very well by the human body. Better than alternative iron sources, used for nutraceutical applications. That is why Sonac's Hemoglobin is also perfectly usable as an iron fortification ingredient in capsules, tablets, sport nutrition etc. Contact our sales managers for more details and studies regarding hemoglobin if you are interested in more information! 

Hemoglobin powder for nutraceutical applications can be used in a wide range of applications. As it is a high protein (92%) and low moisture containing protein it is easy to use in powdered capsules or tablets. Another benefit  of Hemoglobin powder is its perfect solubility, making it usable in drinkable (sport) nutrition applications. 

  • 100% natural
  • Better bio-availability than plant sourced iron
  • Perfect solubility
  • Iron attached to heme-protein
  • Double functional, added iron & protein
  • Human's own iron source

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