QBind: more enjoyment for consumers, better results for you

Getting that perfect texture, bite and sliceability, while also achieving maximum yield is a serious challenge in many meat production processes. Our QBind category offers an assortment of ingredients with excellent water-binding and emulsifying properties that will exceed your expectations – and those of your customers. 

QBind benefits

✓  Improved texture, bite and sliceability
✓  More efficient production, higher yield
✓  Comprehensive ingredient range for many different applications and processes
✓  Beef, pork or chicken origin
✓  Also available under Halal certification

Higher quality and productivity, lower cost-price

Like all the Q-Range solutions, the QBind ingredients are sustainable and entirely natural (100% animal origin). High in natural protein with varying fat content levels, each QBind variation offers unique properties and application options. Combined with our expertise in meat products, processes and markets, QBind will enable you to boost quality and productivity, while lowering cost-price, for example in cooked (emulsified) products, such as hams, frankfurters or nuggets.

Q-Range will take you from questions to quality in meat processing

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