BP85 is a high functional collagen protein derived from porcine bones. Because BP85 is obtained during the bone cooking process, it has a distinctive smell and taste which finds good usage in cooked and emulsified products, which require to have that meaty bite and flavor. BP85 is a collagen with a water binding of 1:15. This collagen also has good emulsifying capacities and is finding good application in spreadable meat products. BP85 is cold setting and heat reversible. It can be used for injection purpose to improve viscosity of brine and functionality in injected meat products, but is advised in this application in more spiced products. BP85 is 100% porcine and very suitable if cost-price is an important facet. 

Common applications for making the perfect use of BP85's functional properties are emulsified products like liver pastries/sausages, canned meat products and cooked sausages. BP85 lends itself good to be used in blends to bring that extra cold setting functionality for a relative low cost and of natural animal source.

During production, BP85 is easily (dry) added together with your other spices, etc., it is easy dissolvable to its small particle size. 

  • Increases brine viscosity
  • 85% protein content
  • Cold setting, heat reversible collagen
  • 100% Porcine origin
  • Perfect use in emulsified (canned) meat products 
  • Perfect ingredient for blends
  • Small particle size, good solubility