Functional Poultry Protein is a chicken or turkey protein that enables users to boost quality and productivity and to lower cost price. Functional Poultry Protein is a chicken or turkey protein with good emulsifying properties, and a water binding capacity of 1:8. It contains a high level of protein. The protein is well dispersible and forms a strong gel after heating and cooling. Furthermore, Functional Poultry Protein is a combination of meat and collagen proteins which give a nice chicken flavor together with good functionality of the collagen proteins.  

Functional Poultry Protein can be used:

  • In all type of emulsified cooked products like frankfurters, nuggets, fingers, schnitzels and meat balls
  • For injection or tumbling purposes for (reformed) chicken breast, nuggets, döner kebab and fresh poultry meat
  • To improve the adherence of batter to chicken nuggets, schnitzel
  • To improve the shape and stability of fresh formed products like meat balls and poultry burgers which will lead to improved productivity in production processes
  • Ability to replace vegetable functional proteins for allergen replacement and taste improvement
  • Better mouthfeel and taste experience - improved juiciness.
  • 100% chicken or 100% turkey
  • Nice chicken flavor, enabling the possibility to reduce salt and spice levels
  • Wide range of applications; tumbling, injection, emulsified products and grinded products
  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Halal
  • GMO free
  • No E-numbers
  • Cost effective