Gel 5 is a porcine collagen with great functionallity and a high level of protein. Gel 5 is very pure and neutral in application, allowing a broad application range. Gel 5 has excellent water binding (1:20) and emulsifying (1:10:10) capacities. Together with the small particle size of 100 mesh, Gel 5 makes it ideal to be used in brines for injection and tumbling, resulting in a nice dispersion in your meat product. Gel 5 is a cold functional protein with heat reversible capacity, meaning it will swell and firm in cold conditionsand won't lose its functionality after a heat treatment. 

Because of the neutral taste and the high functionality of Gel 5, it finds good useability in cold sliced deli meats, minced meat products and dry sausages for sliceability improvement. 
As Gel 5 is very well dispersable and cold setting, it is ideal for the usage in brines for injection and tumbling. Gel 5 gives viscosity to the brine together with a high protein content. Another aspect of the usage of Gel 5 is the application in emulsified products. Gel 5 gives very stable and strong emulsion, improving the spreadability and overall stability of e.g. liver pate's. 

  • Increases viscosity in water based solutions
  • Neutral taste and functional properties
  • High level of protein
  • Suitable for injection or tumbling purposes
  • Cold gelling and heat reversible
  • Improves sliceability
  • 100% Pork origin