GP83P is produced during the fat melting process of pork lard. The functional proteins present in pork lard are separated from the fat. Resulting in a greave protein, GP83P, which is high in protein content (83%) together with a significant fat content (11%) which brings excellent meat/roast like flavor properties. The fat content is unique towards other functional proteins, making it possible to vary with possibilities. GP83P has a functionality of 1:6 water binding and emulsifying up to 1:5:5. With a good hydratation of GP83P, an equal meat protein ratio can be reached, amking it possible to be cost effective but still improve taste of your meat product. 

GP83P finds ideal use in minced and emulsified meat products where taste profiles are rather fat due to e.g. vegetable proteins. GP83P gives you the opportunity to bring functionality and meat taste in especially dry sausages, hamburgers and meatloaf kind of products. GP83P is not fully soluble, making it insuitable for injection brines and tumbling processes. The color of GP83P is brownish, in application comparable to cooked/grilled meat. GP83P together with a low dosage of water can result in a nice spreadable mass (pate, liver, sausages)

During the production of sausages, GP83 can be added in the beginning together with the meat and/or in a blend with other ingredients or spices. GP83 can be used without exceptions with other components in blends. GP83 is heat stable and can be used for pasteurized and sterilized products. It forms a sliceable gel in cooled products. For products eaten warm, the collagen content provides a soft bite. GP83 can easily be used in spreads.

  • Unique meat like taste properties
  • Nice combination of fat and protein content
  • Low-medium functionality; ideal for spreadable products
  • Good replace of vegetable variants in terms of functionality,cost price and taste
  • 100% allergen free