Study by University of Leuven: Performance of QBind Pork OP80 as replacement for phosphate in Frankfurters

QBind Pork OP80 takes over role of phosphate in cooked meat emulsions

Phosphates have important functions in meat products. One of them is to increase solubilization of the meat proteins myosin and actin. When myosin and actin are dissolved they can fully express their emulsifying and gelling properties, which play a prominent role in water- and fat stabilization.

QBind Pork OP80 can take over this prominent role

Due to QBind Pork OP80 and its extreme strong ability to emulsify and to stabilize the water/protein/fat matrix, a positive effect is achieved for texture, yield (cooking loss) and sliceability. This means QBind Pork OP80 is able to buffer fluctuating raw material qualities. Moreover, independent triangle research by University of Leuven shows no difference between reference cooked sausages with phosphate and the sausages with QBind Pork OP80 a/o in the recipes below.

Recipe set up:

QBind Pork OP80 reduces cooking losses

QBind Pork OP80 results in a lower cooking loss compared to competitive proteins and the reference, showing it’s good stabilization properties.

QBind Pork OP80 improves texture

At the first sight there seems to be no big difference between the texture of the sausages. There is a relationship between texture and cooking loss. A high value for cooking loss results in a high value for texture. Both references and the competitor have a high value for cooking loss, which results in a high value for texture. QBind Pork OP80 ensures reduction of cooking loss and still gives a strong texture. 

QBind Pork OP80 improves label, texture and sensory attributes

Eliminating phosphate enhances healthy image of meat products

Eliminating phosphate from meat product formulations will enhance the healthy image of meat products, as phosphates are considered to be potentially harmful to human health. The elimination of phosphate also fits in the current trend to reduce E-numbers and move towards clean label products.
QBind Pork OP80 improves texture and sensory attributes while at the same time increasing the nutritional value of the product. Moreover, it is a pure porcine protein, without E-numbers, allergens, or GMO. Therefore, QBind Pork OP80 is a clean label ingredient.


Give your meat products a competitive advantage and replace phosphates with QBind Pork OP80!