If you are looking for prime functionality, SP95B is the answer. SP95B is a beef collagen with optimal cold setting properties. Functionality wise, this is the best collagen you can get from Sonac. With a water binding capacityof maximum 1:30 and emulsifying capacity of 1:20:20, it surely can improve brine viscosity and optimalize sliceability in cold eaten meat products. The protein content of SP95B is 95%. 

SP95B is very neutral in taste and smell, together with the high functional properties, SP95B is useable in variable dosage levels and in various applications. The 100 mesh size particles make SP95B very well soluble, excellent for injection and brine improvement. Thanks to the high water binding capacities, it prevents water retention in various products. When SP95B is heated it starts flowing, which give that extra bit of juiciness in e.g. a beef burger where normally ground beefs tends to dry during prolonged cooking. SP95B is Halal certified. 

  • Halal
  • High functionality
  • Improves juiciness and reduces water retention
  • 100% bovine
  • Perfect for injection
  • Stable emulsion
  • Neutral smell and taste