Globoost® 90 P impoves taste and profits

At the production of cooked hams, shoulders and comminuted meat products, taste and smell are the most important product characteristics. Besides this, also the protein content (water/protein ratio) is important. Due to changes in legislation and a growing awareness of consumers, ‘clean labelling’ and ‘less E-numbers’ are more required in meat products.

Globoost® 90 P fulfils these demands, as it acts at a meat flavour, containing 90% of protein. It has an amino acid profile which is similar to meat and high in essential amino acids. 

At the production of cooked hams and shoulders Globoost® 90 P can be used by adding it to the brine or to the meat during tumbling, as it dissolves very well. Globoost® 90 P can also be added during the dough preparation, at the production of comminuted meat products.

The sucess factors of Globoost® 90 P  

  • Cooked ham and shoulders
  • Cooked meat products, such as Luncheon Meat, frankfurters and bologna
  • Hamburgers
  • Minced meat

Sensoric value of colour and taste of cooked ham with Globoost® 90 P.

Factor: taste/smell and colour
  • recommended dosage results in increase in perception of taste and smell
  • neutral colour when recommended concentrations are applied
Which concentration delivers optimal result

At the preparation of cooked hams, shoulders and comminuted meat products, optimal results of the application of Globoost® 90 P protein are dependent on the production process. In general, the recommended maximal concentration in these meat products is as follows: Globoost® 90 P > maximal 2 - 4 % on product basis

  • Research findings
  • Perfect mild meat flavor
  • High protein content (90%)
  • Similar to meat protein (amino acid profile)
  • High in essential amino acids
  • High solubility
  • Neutral color
  • improved yield

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