With a protein content of 90%, adding Hydro-P Premium to your meat products will significantly increase their the protein content. It will also optimize the water/protein fat ratio. Thanks to its neutral organoleptic properties, you can add up to 2% to the final meat product.

Hydro-P Premium is fully soluble, making it a perfect protein source, especially for:

  • Tumbled products (whole muscle meat, ham, shoulder, etc.)
  • Injected products (fresh meat, bacon, ham, shoulder, etc.)

Although Hydro-P Premium does not gel when cooked with water at any ratio, the protein does increase the cooking yield of meat products. If you apply it in a meat matrix, Hydro-P Premium will contribute to a significant increase of  water retention levels and yield, compared to the reference product without added protein. Below, we have summed up the results of a trial with injected cooked ham (injection level 45%). The reference ham in this trial did not contain any added protein; the test ham was treated with 0,8% Hydro-P premium protein enrichment on the final product. 

Hydro-P Premium reduces the cooking loss by half and significantly increases yield in trial
Cooked ham, 45%,
Weight for cooking (without form) Fresh [kg]After injection [%]Cooking loss [kg][%]Total yield [%]Averange cooking loss [%]
Form I4,56146,70,4012,9133,8
Form II5,16146,70,4913,9132,8
Form III5,09146,70,6117,6129,1

Cooked ham, 45% extended,
Hydro-P Premium
Weight for cooking (without form) Fresh [kg]After injection [%]Cooking loss [kg][%]Total yield [%]Averange cooking loss [%]
Form I4,72144,90,247,4137,5
Form II5,36144,90,277,3137,6
Form III5,22144,90,246,7138,2

* Study performed in collaboration with Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik 

  • 100% natural
  • Contributes to a clean label
  • Allergen free
  • Increase the protein content
  • Optimize the water/protein fat ratio
  • Cooking yield improvement
  • Slicing yield improvement (stronger slices) 

Hydro-P Premium, a natural, clean label ingredient

Hydro-P Premium is hydrolized pork collagen obtained from natural raw materials (pork bones) hydrolized by physical, thermal and enzymatic treatment. It is free of allergens, GMO and E-numbers. It can be labelled as ‘pork protein’ or ‘pork collagen’, and can, in some cases, be added as a flavour. Overall, Hydro-P Premium contributes to a clean label.

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