Bouillonmex: natural meat color

In general, the color of fresh meat and meat products is mainly determined by the myoglobin content. This content differs markedly between meat of different species and between various meat raw materials of the same species. Consequently, the color of fresh meat and meat products will vary depending on the meat used and this may lead to undesirable heterogeneity of the color appearance of meat products.

Hemoglobin based products like Bouillonmex, Bloodpowder and Frozen Blood, are very attractive to prevent these undesirable color problems and to enhance the color of meat products. They intensify the coloring, give a natural color, improve the perception of higher lean meat content and increase the contrast between lean meat and fat. 

Natural meat color suitable for:

  • Cooked meat products, such as Luncheon Meat, frankfurters and bologna
  • Dry, fermented sausages, such as salami
  • Cooked ham and shoulders
  • Hamburgers
  • Minced meat