Consumers lay great value on the appearance of meat products, sight can be the leverage of buying a product. Where in the food industry it is a common practice to use E-numbers and other colorants, consumers averse this more and more. This makes Harimix the perfect solution for meat processors. Harimix is a stabilized hemoglobin, a natural red colored protein which is partly responsible for the distinctive natural color of meat. Harimix is a red colored protein which can intensify meat (or vegetable) proteins but leaves fat, packaging or anything else unaffected. Harimix can prevent undesirable color changing in your meat product and give the overall appearance a boost!  

Applications fitting Harimix are broad. Basically any meat product which could use a color enhancement suits Harimix. Most effectively in fresh meat and dried fermented products to give an improvement in redness. But in cooked products, Harimix also improves color, for example in cooked hams (injected and/or tumbled) and frankfurters, Harimix also gives a more appetizing color. 
In cooked products with nitrite, Harimix improves the pinkiness, but does not replace the function of nitrite. In meat products without nitrate, Harimix prevents paleness of meat in for example frankfurters.

Bouillonmex is a spray dried powder protein of porcine origin. Bouillonmex is very suitable to prevent undesirable color problems and to enhance the color of meat products, just as Harimix, and at the same time to provide a nice bouillon taste.

Above the results of the color stability research of Harimix. On the left: Frankfurter sterilized / canned. Middle left: Frankfurter pasteurized / vacuum. Middle right: Ham Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). On the right side: Ham vacuum packed.

  1. Natural and clean label meat color
    With hemoglobin as it's functional ingredient, Harimix gives a natural meat color to the meat products. Harimix is available from bovine or porcine origin and suitable for coloring of both the inside and outside of meat products.

  2. Homogenuous color
    Harimix is completely soluble and only colors the lean meat, not the fat and not the package. It improves the perception of higher lean meat content thanks to the nice contrast.

  3. Optimal color stability
    Harimix is color and heat stable and can be used in pasteurized or sterilized products as well as in fresh or fermented products.

  4. Low dosage, easy to use
    Harimix, available as liquid and powder, is fully soluble and can be added to the brine, the dough during its preparation or to the grounded meat. Typical (low) dosage is 0.1-0.3% on the final product. Color that enhance only the meat proteins: no diffusion or leaking into fat or packaging and for an optimal attractive product presentation.

The graphs below shows an improved color with the addition of Harimix P, raising the A* value (redness). Difference in referent and added Harimix.

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