QBind Pork OP80

Application: Emulsified products, Ground meat products

Function: Bind

Origin: Pork

Benefits / Quality aspects: Excellent emulsifying and stabilizing capacity, Phosphate replacer, Unflavored / Neutral taste, Low in collagen

QBind Pork OP80 is a high functional porcine protein, with excellent emulsifying properties, and a strong gel forming capacity after heating and cooling. QBind Pork OP80 is low on hydroxyproline, similar to the content of meat. QBind Pork OP80 is the preferred solution for the meat industry to improve overall product quality and to improve yield of meat products. In particular cooked sausages.      

QBind Pork OP80 is perfectly suitable for cooked sausages to improve product quality and yield.

Due to the strong gel forming capacity and good emulsifying properties of QBind Pork OP80, it provides excellent water binding of the meat matrix in cooked sausages. This results in a firmer texture and has a positive effect on the slice ability of the product. (Left figure)

QBind Pork OP80 provides stabilization of the water/protein/fat matrix. It reduces the risk that jelly and fat separation occur during cooking and therefore leads to less dripping/cooking loss and a higher yield. (Figure middle left)

A sausage with QBind Pork OP80 has a high quality in terms of texture. Competitor Y texture remains stable from 1%. QBind Pork OP80 texture increase further at 1.5%. (Figure middle right)

QBind Pork OP80 compensated the drip loss more compared to the competitors.The drip loss improvement of QBind Pork OP80 is already visible at lower concentration compare to competitor Y. 0.5% QBind Pork OP80 addition gives already a significant reduction in drip loss. (Right figure) 

QBind Pork OP80 results in very stable product characteristics. It is able to buffer variable qualities of raw materials, eliminating the risk of jelly and fat separation as result of Fluctiation in raw material quality. It therefore ensures constant quality of the cooked sausage even better than other proteins on the market. This is particular visible when varying QBind Pork OP80 concentrations compared to competitor Y.

  • Stronger texture in hot and cold conditions
  • Stronger bite in hot and cold conditions
  • Enhanced meat matrix / product stability
  • Better slice ability
  • Reduction of drip loss (syneresis)
  • Reduction of cooking loss
  • Buffering raw material quality
  • Clean label
  • Salt reduction with taste enhancing proteins
  • Phosphate replacement
  • Meat replacement
  • Cooking yield improvement
  • Slicing yield improvement
  • Texture/bite improvement
  • Syneresis reduction
  • Shrinkage reduction
  • Cost price reduction
  • Soy replacement
  • Low collagen
  • In cooked fine emulsions

Mr. Arjan van Waes


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