QBoost: natural protein and calcium enrichment

Today’s consumers want food that contains the right nutrients for a healthy body. QBoost offers a range of meat solutions that combine natural protein and calcium enrichment with easy application.

QBoost benefits

✓  Great protein and/or calcium levels
✓  A step ahead of food legislation and consumer needs and wants
✓  Clean label hydrolyzed proteins with the analytical consistency of meat (free of hydroxyproline) or collagen
✓  Easy-to-use ingredients with tailored functionalities for a wide range of applications
✓  Fish or pork, in powder form

High in essential amino acids

In addition to the benefits above, the QBoost solutions offer several other important advantages. Similar to meat protein in terms of their essential amino acids content, they come with high bioavailability and high solubility as well as emulsifying, stabilizing and fining properties. With the QBoost range and the expertise of the Sonac Functional Products team, your meat products will be at their very best.

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