QColor: great looks, more sales

With looks mattering more than ever in today’s food industry, consumers increasingly base their meat purchases on (natural) color. With QColor’s E-number-free solutions you can rest easy that undesirable color problems will be a thing of a past and your meat products will be a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate.

QColor benefits

✓  Exclusively meat-authentic colors, free of E-numbers
✓  Colors that affect only the (meat) proteins: no diffusion or leaking into fat or packaging 
✓  Product formulations for injection, mixing in dough and outside coloring
✓  Different solutions for every kind of meat product 
✓  Beef or pork, in liquid or powder form

Low dosage forms, easy to apply

At Sonac Functional Products, we know how fresh meat comes in many markedly different colors – depending, for example, on species, raw materials or leanness. With QColor, we have developed a comprehensive range of natural, sustainable coloring solutions that are easy to apply and require only low dosages. Whether you want a natural meat color with high stability, intensified coloring, better color homogeneity or an increased contrast between lean meat and fat, QColor can deliver.

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