QExtend Beef PF12

Application: Ground meat products, Dried and fermented sausage, Emulsified products

Function: Extend

Origin: Beef

Benefits / Quality aspects: Unflavored / Neutral taste, 1-on-1 meat replacer, Collagen and/or calcium free, Behaves the same as meat

QExtend PF12 can replace meat/vegetable proteins up to 30% in various meat applications. It can be processed as regular frozen meat or meat trimmings. 

  • Hamburgers (fresh and precooked)
  • Grill sausages
  • Frankfurters
  • (Beef) Salami
  • Su├žuk
  • Ready to eat meats
  • Reducing cost-price
  • Reducing fat
  • Improving juiciness
  • No influence on taste
  • Clean labelling
  • Beef origin
  • Unique fiber-like structured protein
  • Replaces meat 1-to-1 without loss of quality
  • No fat
  • No hydroxyproline
  • Frozen product
  • Patented


Figure 1. Diameter reduction after cooking beef hamburgers with QExtend PF12

Beef hamburgers with QExtend PF12 show no significant difference in diameter reduction, taste, texture, and showed improved juiciness, compared to reference hamburger without QExtend PF12.

Mr. Arjan van Waes


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