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✓ Allergen-, GMO-, and E-number free proteins

✓ Sustainable production processes

✓ Global innovator in meat proteins

Boosting quality & yield with protein in meat

Proteins are a highly versatile ingredient with many functionalities in food manufacturing. You can use our proteins to correct the content of your food product and also for quality and yield improvement. On this page we will specify our solutions for Sonac meat proteins. Below you can find out which solution fits best to improve your meat with our protein ingredients.

Sonac is global innovator in proteins for different food applications, with representation in 60 countries. Sonac functional proteins for meat are produced from blood, fat, bones and skins of porcine, bovine, poultry and fish origin, at ten different food grade production facilities worldwide. Sonac therewith offers an innovative, comprehensive portfolio of functional proteins, every one of which is a sustainable and high-quality ingredient. All proteins are allergen-, GMO-, and E-number free. 

How to improve quality & yield for meat products? Download our leaflet!

Why download this leaflet?

✓ Explanation with which proteins we can improve your meat product
✓ Benefits per solution summed up
✓ Specified per protein the amount of crude, origin of the protein & specific benefits of our products
✓ Available in powder, liquid or frozen form
✓ Our proteins are natural, safe, sustainable and cost effective

  • meat improvements with proteins

Different solutions with our protein ingredients for your meat product

Below you can find our different solutions for your products which can improve the quality of your meat. Our meat proteins are ideal for water binding or emulsifier. It is possible to choose for Halal-certified proteins. Per solution below you can find our products with the specifications. These specifications show for example the amount of proteins, fats, hydroxyproline and the dosage forms. 

For efficient production of meat products, you can use functional proteins to improve the water binding or emulsifying properties of your meat as well as to improve the texture and bite. Sonac provides natural, functional proteins which are also available under Halal certification. 

Sonac provides different natural meat binders are ideal for creating innovative and/or portion-control meat products. We can supply you with ingredients of porcine and bovine origin in frozen or powder form. 

An appealing color is often a decisive factor for consumers in choosing meat products. Sonac provides natural, meat-authentic colorants of bovine or porcine origin. We offer product formulations for injection, mixing in dough and outside coloring.

Your injected and marinated meat products may need proteins and/or flavor correction. Sonac has developed meat- or collagen-derived hydrolyzed proteins to perform this correction. 

Calbon is a Tri-calcium-phosphate and delivers all ingredients for healthy bones as it provides both of the minerals that bone needs to get stronger: calcium and phosphorus with high bio-availability. 

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Why use proteins in meat products?

  • Ideal for water-binding
  • Quality improvement
  • Yield improvement
  • Emulsifying properties of your meat
  • Improve texture and bite
  • Creating portion-control products
  • Improving meat color
  • Flavor correction
  • Adding calcium in meat products for stronger bones