Heat set binding

Heat set binding

For efficient production of meat products, you can use functional proteins to improve the water binding or emulsifying properties of your meat as well as to improve the texture and bite. Sonac provides natural, functional proteins which are also available under Halal certification. 

ValoColl, a highly functional protein for meat

ValoColl is very suitable for manufacturers of emulsified products like  hotdogs or mortadella, for example, who are looking to reduce fat and increase yield. The protein is a collagen and a strong emulsifier. In a pre-emulsion, sixty percent of the fat can be replaced by ValoColl. This also results in cost savings, due to the higher prices for fat compared to the pre-emulsion. As the protein also binds water, it contributes to moisture retention. This results in higher yield and a firmer texture. For e.g frankfurters this is very important: a frankfurter has to ‘snap’. For mortadella, firmness is important as a means of reducing cutting losses.

Functional Poultry Protein (FPP) as a multifunctional ingredient

For meat processing companies looking for a solid shape in the production of poultry products like chicken nuggets, for instance, FPP is a highly suitable protein. Moreover, due to the protein’s production process, it brings a nice flavor of roast chicken. FPP is a good alternative to soy protein. FPP creates a ‘meaty bite’, in contrast to the rubber-like bite of products containing soy protein. FPP is an emulsifier. This improves cooking yield, while it also helps the breading to stick more easily to the nugget. This cuts costs for manufacturers. Apart from chicken nuggets and other emulsified products, FPP is also suitable for tumbled and injected meat products.

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Functional Poultry Protein