Sonac is a leading producer of Bone Ash

Bone Ash is free from organic material and chemically inert.

Sonac Bone Ash MC is especially developed for the non-ferrous metals casting industry as a coating and release agent. It doubles working life of launders, moulds and equipment.

Bone Ash MC is a fine powder with unique characteristics as a superior protective coating for casting of aluminium, refined copper and copper alloy. Bone Ash MC is extremely suitable as a protective coating for launders and moulds. The Bone Ash prevents the launders from early wearing and cracking and increases their life expectancy. As a dry powder it is also used to seal gaps and cracks in refractory launders. 

Furthermore, this product can be used as an easy-release agent. It prevents metal from sticking to the surface of the moulds and makes it easier to remove the cast parts. As a slurry, blended with water, it also protects metal working tools. 

In addition, the material is safe, clean, odourless, smokeless and has no dust build-up during processing.

For further product advantages and information about dry and wet application, you can read our leaflet.


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