Bone Glue for natural adhesive

Sonac Bone Glue is an excellent ingredient for natural adhesives and the paper industry as it is 100% recyclable. With our organic Bone Glues you contribute to environmental sustainability. For optimising the copper electrolysis process it is an essential ingredient to get a homogeneous structure on the cathode. Plaster-Bind Plus is a binding and retarding agent, especially developed for wall and ceiling plasters. It is a fine powder that forms a perfect mix by dry blending with other plaster ingredients.

Apart from these applications, Technical Gelatin (Bone Glue) is for example used as an ingredient for rubber rollers, wood, bonded leather, production of gun powder, matches, abrasive industry (sandpaper) etc.

Applications for Technical Gelatin

Industry / ProductFunction
Paper industryComponent in adhesive for glue together layered paper and karton packing.
TapeAdhesive on gummed paper/ tape.
Leather industryComponent in leather goods. For strengthening, flocculator and for coagulation.
Adhesive industryComponent of cake glues for bookbinding. Furniture glue.
Match industryComponent for strengthening match heads.
Copper electrolysisOrganic protein protector for equal cathode building in copper, zinc and cadmium electrolysis.
PlasterComponent in plaster to hold the structure of the applied plaster. Also it protects against cracking.
Rubber industryStrengtheningh of rubber rolls for spin and weave machinery.
Wood industryComponent of adhesive for chipboard production.
Isolation materialGlue together of fibres in plates of mineral wool, and isolation plates of organic material.
Chemical industryRaw material for the production of amino acids, for example hydroxiproline.
Carpet industryStrengthening and hardening of the back of the carpet by impregnating jute with gelatin solution.


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