Hydro-P Premium for dogs and horses

Hydro-P Premium is a pet food ingredient supporting long term mobility of large breeds dogs and performance horses.

Improve joint and gastric health with Hydro-P Premium

Since its introduction, the demand for Hydro-P Premium, our hydrolyzed collagen, has been continuously growing. Hydro-P Premium is a food grade hydrolyzed collagen type I characterized by enhanced bioavailability. When hydrolyzed, native collagen is reduced to small peptides what increases its absorption from intestine to more than 90%. Based on our research Hydro-P premium is especially recommended as an ingredient in formulations for large breeds dogs with tendency to osteoarthritis and performance horses to support their joints and gastric health.

Collagen is the most abundant protein of a body and it is the main component of connective tissue (joints, bones, skin, tendons). It is necessary for maintaining healthy skin, fur and joints. The body’s collagen production decreases with age. When animals became older, they bodies cannot supply enough collagen. Consequently, aging animals more often experience problems with mobility, joints inflammation and skin health. Enriching diet with highly bioavailable collagen peptides Hydro-P Premium helps maintain mobility and joint health.

Hydro-P Premium reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs

In 2009, Beynen investigated the effect of Hydro-P Premium on dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. During an eight week trial dogs received daily either 10 g of a placebo or 10 g of Hydro-P Premium. At the end of the research, dogs supplemented with Hydro-P Premium presented a significant improvement in activity, reduced stiffness, lameness (Fig 1) and experienced less pain (Fig 2).

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Hydro-P Premium softness symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduces stomach uncles in horses

The University of Gent (2016) evaluated the anti-inflammatory effect of Hydro-P Premium in treating osteoarthritis in horses. After 8 hours of LPS injection the PGE2  levels (biomarker) showed a significant inflammation decrease in a group treated with Hydro-P Premium in comparison to control where no treatment was applied (Fig 1). Besides, a study performed by Louisiana State University proved that enriching diet of horses exposed to an alternating feed deprivation model significantly reduces gastric ulcer scores when comparing with group without supplementation (Fig 2).

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