Hydro-P Premium for dogs and horses

Improve joint and gastric health with Hydro-P Premium

Since its introduction, the demand for Hydro-P Premium, our hydrolyzed collagen, has been big and growing. Because Hydro-P Premium is used in a wide range of health products including joint, skin, gastric products for humans, pets and performance horses.
Hydro-P Premium is a food grade hydrolyzed collagen which can be characterized as a type I collagen. It has a high protein content (>90%) and a high digestibility.

Hydro-P Premium improves joint health for dogs

More than 90% of dogs over 5 years of age may be affected by Osteoarthritis. After 8 weeks of feeding hydrolyzed collagen, comparison of the score on week 8 with the score at the start showed a significant improvement in the scores for activity, stiffness and lameness (Fig 1). The improvement in pain reduction tended to reach statistical significance (Fig 2).

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Hydro-P Premium improves joint and gastric health for horses

It is estimated that 15% of all horses suffer from Osteoarthritis. The University of Ghent evaluated the anti-inflammatory effect of Hydro-P Premium using an acute synovitis model (Fig. 1).
Up to 90% of performance horses suffer from gastric ulcers. Hydro-P Premium reduces gastric ulcer scores. This has been shown by a study at Louisiana State University. (Fig. 2).

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