Wet pet food ingredients: healthy, functional customizable

With our carefully selected and processed natural meat by-products, you will have the basic ingredients for the healthiest wet cat or dog food. We can also supply you with functional proteins and customized ingredients for specific solutions. We also work closely with our sister company CTH in this field. CTH is a leading global provider of safe, meat by-products for the food, pet food and pharmaceuticals markets.  

  • Our meat by-products are a natural source of fat, proteins and/or minerals 
  • Fresh or frozen
  • Mixed meat by-products available on demand
  • High palatability
  • Good binding & color
  • Short supply lines ensure freshness and traceability
  • State-of-the-art cooling procedures

Please contact one of our advisors in your region to discuss your needs and wishes with regard to feed solutions 

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Wet pet food Market

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