We care, too

Keeping pets is all about caring. And so, in our view, is developing pet food solutions. As a 21st-century pet food manufacturer, you care as much about your carbon footprint or the quality and traceability of your products as you do about your growth and profitability. Products, pets, people, planet, profits - the Ps on your priority list are probably plentiful. With Darling Ingredients, you can effectively pursue those priorities.

Because we care, too. Caring in our industry can express itself in many ways. For example, you can:

Traditional natural resources are depleting and the demand for sustainable ingredients is growing around the world. Sustainability is vital to our industry’s future. With Darling Ingredients, you can face that future confidently. Our ingredients are derived from valuable animal by-products that do not compete with use in human foods and would otherwise not be used. This re-use of proteins and fats provides a vital building block for circular production systems. Using animal fats and proteins is also a way of reducing the need for fats and oils derived from land-intensive vegetable sources. Another of earth’s natural resources you can actively help protect by using our solutions is rock phosphate. In our solutions, we exclusively use phosphate from animal sources that would otherwise go unused.

The carbon footprint (CFP) of many of our products is a lot lower than that of vegetable alternatives. In fact, the proteins, minerals, fats, gelatins and numerous other specialty ingredients we create from animal by-products all have lower CFPs than those drawn from alternative sources. And thanks to our global presence, our raw materials are processed locally and made available locally: partnering with us means minimizing transport. We are constantly seeking ways of producing innovative ingredients from animal by-products with the lowest CFP possible, so as to minimize harmful gas emissions and mitigate our industry’s impact on climate change and the environment.

The residuals-to-resources concept our pet food ingredients result from is one way of caring for our planet. This mind-set manifests itself in our production processes, too. For instance, we extract and clean the air from our buildings and production processes. The water released during our processes is purified in biological wastewater purification plants. And the energy we need for production comes largely from sustainable biofuels.