We want you to feel connected – and to enjoy the benefits that go with it

In our increasingly networked and interdependent world, no entrepreneur or organization can go it alone. Beyond offering you great ingredients, we believe our job is to provide you with a strong sense of connection – and the benefits that go with it.

Get in touch with the future of the business

Joining forces with Darling Ingredients will help you plug into new partnerships and co-development initiatives. It will connect you with industry pioneers, leading-edge knowledge, news and developments – and the future of the business.

Darling Ingredients is the world’s largest independent rendering company. We have strong and highly experienced logistical teams around the globe, offering unequalled delivery performance, with customer services dedicated to your facilities and tailored to your local context. And it shows. The world’s largest pet food producers – renowned players operating on the very highest standards in the industry – place their trust in our focused technical applications, sales, transportation & customer service. Tapping into our resources means becoming part of this network and staying in the loop on where the business is going. 

As a global operator, we have production plants on four continents. We know the markets. We’re familiar with the needs and wants of manufacturers like you. And we’re eager for you to benefit from this knowledge and local presence. Importantly, in a time of shifts and shakeouts, we’re in for the long haul. We have a long history in rendering, with operation and quality assurance groups in which employees with Pet Food experience are integrated. We’re an established long-time supplier keen on developing a durable, long-term partnership with you in which you benefit from the advantages of outsourcing production to a trusted player.

Convenience, efficiency, consistency, reliability. With our global one-stop shop for pet food manufacturers, you can have it all. Darling Ingredients offers the broadest product portfolio in the entire pet food industry. We can offer you (almost) everything you need – along with solid advice on what to order, and follow-up support on how best to integrate it in your own products.

Data are one thing, knowledge and insight another. We invest heavily in knowledge and the analysis of products and markets. We have strong and experienced logistical teams. Our staff at different levels and across different disciplines are highly educated and specialized – we equip them to do their jobs better than anyone else could. As a Darling Ingredients partner, you benefit from this knowledge and expertise. Many of our customers see it as a vital asset in keeping in step – no, keeping a step ahead – of the market.

Teamwork is in our DNA. And we don’t restrict that to our internal operations. We have many high-value partnerships in both supplies and finished goods. We see it as part of our job to help you also to develop strategic partnerships that will equip you and the industry for tomorrow. We’re also keen on co-developing with you – from supporting you in your product development to co-creating new concepts. Ask us to perform certain production steps for you, or extra control steps, or outsource your production, partially or entirely – we’re ready to help.

Success in business depends heavily on knowing what’s happening out there. In today’s changeable, unpredictable business climate, we all need partners who can help us stay in touch with the realities of the market. The opportunities and threats of today and tomorrow. We can be that partner for you. Whether it’s industry news, market trends or regulatory affairs, you can be among the first to know – and to act on that knowledge.