Our bio-functional ingredients provide multiple benefits to dogs and cats, ensuring their long-term well-being by easing the symptoms of allergy and joint disorders or improving gut health. 

Sonac’s Proglobulin is a bioactive plasma that can also help to reduce overall inflammation in the body. It is known to moderate issues with digestion and stress, and improves overall health of dogs and cats. Hydro-P Premium, another Sonac bio-functional, is a hydrolyzed collagen that supports mobility and helps to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. It also helps to maintain healthy skin and coat, and supports the healing of wounds and ulcers. 

Sonac’s hydrolyzed proteins are suitable for hypoallergenic recipes. They are carefully spray-dried to ensure the highest quality and palatability.

ProductCrude ProteinIn vitro digestibilitySpecific characteristicsKey benefitsOrigin
Proglobulin®*80% / 78%    99%homogenous spray dried plasma protein blend derived from processed blood    anti-inflammation agent; supports gut health; improves stamina; recommended for sensitive breads and for working dogs formulas    porcine
Hydro-P Premium*> 90%  99%high purity collagen peptides produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen rich tissue    provides satiety effect; promotes wound healing process; helps to maintain healthy skin, fur & nails;    porcine
Globoost*    90%    99%spray dried globine protein made from carefully processed blood    protein booster    porcine
MucoPro80%    99%hydrolyzed porcine peptone product derived from intestinal mucosal tissue    low in ash    porcine
MPI / Innomax*  90%    99%homogenous spray dried meat protein isolate blend obtained from processed porcine trimmings    palatability and protein booster; low biogenic amines content    porcine
Ovine Plasma Powder*  70%    98,5%   uniform spray dried plasma protein blend derived from processed blood    highly palatable; efficient binder & emulsifier; texture booster in dry & wet pet food formulas    ovine

With our ingredients and support, we deliver on the promise of helping you to make pets healthier, owners happier and business better.

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