Region:America, Europe, Asia
Function:Mobility & health support, hydrolyzed



  • Maintains joint health and mobility
  • Supports skin & fur health
  • Helps with healing of wounds, burns and ulcers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clean label ingredient

Hydro-P Premium is developed to deliver multiple health benefits for dogs and cats. Hydro-P Premium is a natural, non-allergenic and a clean label ingredient. It can be easily incorporated into all kind of  pet food formulations and dietary supplements. Hydro-P Premium deliver multiple health benefits. It helps to maintain mobility, supports healing of wounds, burns and ulcers. It aids to maintain healthy skin.

Hydro-P Premium is optimized by enzymatic hydrolysis to ensure high bioavailability and activity. Hydro-P Premium peptides due to their small size can be absorbed right away via the intestinal mucosa and travel to their site of action. Hydro-P Premium collagen peptides are identical to the collagen found in connective tissue. It provides the building material for cartilage, bones, muscles, tendons and skin.