Our techno-functional ingredients offer unique benefits to a wide range of petfood formulations. They are designed to improve texture in all kinds of pet food formulas by providing advance binding and emulsifying.
In wet pet food, they boost texture through their advanced binding and emulsifying properties, which helps to achieve a uniform product with desired juiciness and elasticity.

In dry pet food and semi-moist snack & treats, our techno-functional solutions help to create the desired hardness and durability while adding protein fortification and a palatability boost.

Our ingredients are used by leading pet food companies in their development of new generation functional formulas.

ProductCrude ProteinIn vitro digestibilitySpecific characteristicsKey benefitsOrigin
Functional Poultry Protein     80%     homogenous blend of processed poultry trimmingstexture booster with high water binding and emulsifying properties poultry
Gelatin>85%    95%Protein extract obtained from an irreversible hydrolysis of collagen rich tissueefficient binder: texture booster in extrudates and dental treats formulasporcine
Hemoglobin/RBC powder90-92%  99%protein-based natural colorant derived from bloodnatural, protein-based colorant, rich in hemic ironporcine, bovine
Plasma Powder / Innomax Plasma*>70%    99%spray dried plasma protein made from processed bloodhighly palatable: efficient binder & emulsifier: texture booster in dry & wet pet food formulasporcine, bovine, ovine

With our ingredients and support, we deliver on the promise of helping you to make pets healthier, owners happier and business better.

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