Your trust matters to us

As a pet food manufacturer, you want to do your job well. You want to go home at the weekend knowing you’ve got it all covered, responsibly and effectively: the product, the process, the pets, the people, the planet, the profit. We understand that and we consider your preference for our ingredients to be vitally important. But do you know what matters to us even more? That you trust our organization.

With us, there are important things you can count on

No trust comes cheap. That’s why we work hard at earning and keeping yours. So that with us there will always be certain things you can count on:

As a global player with a long history, we have outstanding supplier relations and supply chain control. Our long-term agreements with suppliers around the world ensure stable supplies. Our quality requirements – the toughest in the business – are firmly in place up and down the chain. The gains for you: maximum delivery reliability.

Exceeding standards is our way of giving customers confidence. With our ingredients, you can be sure you’re formulating a healthy, entirely safe pet food product, as our ingredients are 100% feed-grade compliant – and in some cases, even food-grade compliant. All ingredients we supply are strictly controlled at all of our plants. All of our suppliers are regularly audited and we apply detailed purchase specs for all our raw materials. With us, you can count on healthy animals, happy owners and, at the end of the day, peace of mind over a job well done.

Quality and safety can only be sustained if they are responsibly managed. We operate under the inspection of independent veterinarians and we make sure our products are produced according to international requirements, such as HACCP, ISO and GMP+. Because of our global operations and long years of experience in different markets around the world, you can rest assured that the final products you purchase from us will always meet your local legal requirements – including federal regulations in the US.

One of the critical responsibilities you have as a pet food manufacturer is to make sure you can trace your product sources back through the supply chain. Legislation increasingly requires it. Consumers increasingly expect it. And we help you deliver it. With full tracking and tracing to our suppliers, the slaughterhouses, we offer you guaranteed traceability that goes at least one step back and one step forward (and often far beyond) – along with the clear conscience that comes with it.

Knowing you’re at the forefront of industry developments boosts your confidence and your drive. Partner with us and such confidence and drive will be yours. Our standardized production plants and production protocols, our emphasis on transparency, and our openness to customer audits enable us to consistently improve on product specs. We place high value on third-party certifications, with 10 of our US rendering plants enjoying GFSI-level certification (Global Food Safety Initiative) and comparable certifications for our global facilities. Join us in taking the industry to a higher level.

As a manufacturer in today’s shifting markets, you’re constantly on the lookout for new market opportunities. One of the benefits of working with Darling Ingredients is that we enable you to easily access those new markets. Our certification levels, global services and local expertise you can confidently enter new territory and capitalize on emerging opportunities.