Improve your feed efficiency with Sonac

In today’s demanding and competitive feed market, optimizing feed efficiency is a key success factor. At Sonac we offer you many ways of improving in this area by using the right ingredients.

The perfect blend

Animal feed formulation is a complex discipline. At Sonac, we’ve made it our business to keep asking questions, testing and optimizing the outcomes. To research every possible function you could think of for every ingredient of animal origin available. You’ll find the results of all this work in our feed solutions, which offers you the perfect blend of nutritional value, digestibility, animal welfare, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Our high-quality animal proteins offer many gains

One way of improving feed efficiency is to use our high-quality animal proteins. This high quality is illustrated by the relative abundance of essential amino acids in these proteins.

Here are additional gains you can count on:

  • Many animal proteins have a high biological value (amino acid profile)
  • Animal fats are highly digestible
  • Animal fats are triglycerides that offer poultry, pigs and other farmed animals high digestibility levels
  • MucoPro is a pre-digested (hydrolyzed) mucosal peptide consisting of free amino acids (>40%) and small peptides

Our feed solutions offer the perfect blend of nutritional value, digestibility, animal welfare, sustainability and cost-effectiveness

Our fats improve digestion, especially in young animals

One aspect affecting feed efficiency is improved fat digestion. The better your animals digest the fats included in their diet, the less you will need to feed them, the less excreted waste you will have to process and the fewer health issues resulting from wet droppings diarrhoea your animals will face. Fats are more easily absorbed if the ratio of unsaturated fats is higher. This effect is especially important among young animals, such as broilers or piglets. Also, unsaturated fatty acids – such as oleic and linoleic acid – exert a positive effect on the digestion of other fatty acids present in the gut lumen of these animals. 

Most animal fats perform excellently on digestibility and therefore also on bio-availability. Our pork and poultry fats, for example, are rich in linoleic acid, one of the fatty acids animals need to receive through the food they eat. Among other things, linoleic acid plays an important role in the immune system and its response. It is also vital in processes related to fertility and reproduction, including hormones and tissue structure. Oleic acid is also known as a healthy fatty acid. Like linoleic acid, it helps reduce the formation of bad LDL lipoproteins in blood.

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