Healthy animals, healthy planet, healthy business

Animal health and welfare are vital topics in the global feed industry, with both consumers and buyers continually raising the bar for manufacturers. At Sonac, we encourage this development, knowing that healthy animals and healthy business go hand in hand.


Innovating for the good of animals

Much of the feed research and innovation we have worked on over the years has led not only to higher product quality and production efficiency but also to increased animal health. Here are some key examples you can benefit from.

  • Our plasma proteins add bio-functionality to your feed formula, thanks to the immunoglobulins and other bio-active components they contain
  • Plasma proteins – such as Proglobulin – improve the palatability of diets, which reduces both the cost and the environmental impact of your feed solution
  • Plasma proteins have shown a positive effect on gut health
  • Many animal proteins have a high biological value, with amino acid ratios approaching those required by animals

Our feed ingredients contribute to diet palatability, gut health and excellent amino acid ratios, among other things

Reducing feather pecking with healthy feed

In the poultry segment, a key focal point in animal health is the prevention of feather pecking. Nutrition plays an important role in this area: it is assumed feather pecking results from nutritional imbalances causing hens to seek animal proteins among each other’s feathers. In one experiment aimed at comparing the effects of Processed Animal Proteins (PAPs) by Sonac with those of vegetable proteins in chicken feed, the hens fed certain Sonac ingredients showed a delay in the development of feather damage and, simultaneously, an increase in litter condition, foraging and walking behaviour, and floor pecks. These shifts seemed to be partly related with the intake of digestible glycine, available phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

From boosting bone health to preventing loss of appetite

Animal welfare is on the agenda for consumers and industries worldwide. Our natural, sustainable feed solutions are strong contributors to animal health. They are designed to support bone development, prevent issues such as growth stagnation, loss of appetite and moulting or feather/hair loss, improve gut health and generally contribute to the wellbeing of animals.

Contribute to the wellbeing of animals and the planet we share

Drawing from top-class food grade facilities, our processes integrate animal performance and welfare as much as our products do. As experts in sustainable animal nutrition, we offer you the assurance that by using Sonac feed solutions, you are actively contributing to the wellbeing of animals and the planet we share.

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