The highest standards of nutrition and food safety

Sonac is a member of the EFPRA, Europe’s leading authority on the use, value and bio-security of edible animal fats and meat industry by-products, and the EAPA, the European Animal Protein Association, as well as the NRA (National Renderers’ Association) in the USA.

Our involvement with the EFPRA is related to our proteins and fats production, while our blood products connect us with the EAPA. EFPRA represents the European animal by-product processing sector. Its objective to continually improve the safety, security and sustainability of European food production by efficiently processing edible animal fats and animal by-products.

The European Animal Protein Association, EAPA, represents companies specialized in the production and supply of high-quality, natural animal proteins. Animal proteins offer an excellent way of retaining the value of meat by-products that would otherwise be treated as less valuable applications. Our industry turns them into valued ingredients for food products, feeds for farm animals and pets and aquaculture feeds. They also fulfil important roles in many pharmaceutical products.

As a member of EFPRA and EAPA, we share technical information and scientific data with other members across Europe, thus maintaining the highest standards of nutrition and food safety in all of our products. In the US, we collaborate similarly with other NRA members.

Meeting legislative requirements and customer expectations

In our understanding of today’s markets, compliance is not only about meeting the legislative requirements for the different industries and regions we serve, but equally about complying with the demands and wishes of our customers. This applies to our own products and processes, but also to how we deal with people, animals, partner companies and the planet. 

Teamwork, trust and lasting relationships

At Sonac, we select and acquire our raw materials with the utmost care. We make sure our production processes and comprehensive quality programs will guarantee that every product or service we put to market is in line with all relevant legal guidelines – as well as with customer requirements and expectations. We also believe in teamwork and in trust. Therefore, we are continuously working on developing and maintaining relationships that are not only successful, but also lasting.

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