✓ Allergen-, GMO-, and E-number free proteins

✓ Sustainable production processes

✓ Global innovator in meat proteins

Other applications that can benefit from our animal proteins

Animal proteins are not only applicable in meat products. Sometimes it is good to think outside the box and looking deeper into the functionality of the proteins itself. With this in mind, a more wider use of applications can be reached with using animal proteins.

For example using Hemoglobin powder as a binding, coloring and dietary protein to substitute the taste of cacao. Hemoglobin has similar color and taste profile as of dark chocolate, giving the ability to replace part of the cacao with a better nutritional valued protein.

Another example is using Fibrimex to realize special artistic creations with various meat types.


  • Using natural ingredients for creative ideas
  • Trigger your creativeness
  • 100% safe and natural products
Chocolate pudding with Hemoglobin
Forming bread
Blood pancakes

Global innovator in functional proteins

Sonac is global innovator in proteins for different food applications, with representation in 60 countries. Sonac functional proteins for meat are produced from blood, fat, bones and skins of porcine, bovine, poultry and fish origin, at ten different food grade production facilities worldwide. Sonac therewith offers an innovative, comprehensive portfolio of functional proteins, every one of which is a sustainable and high-quality ingredient. All proteins are allergen-, GMO-, and E-number free.